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you cant, it is rare and you just have to wait to find out

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Q: How do you get a purple magic bean on moshi monsters?
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How do you get gergle on moshi monsters?

red dragon fruit,purple love berrie, yellow magic bean

Can you get a moshling by planting 3 Magic Bean seeds on Moshi Monsters?

No, there is no moshling on Moshi Monsters that is attracted by three Magic Bean seeds.

What can you do with a yellow magic bean moshi monsters?

a yellow magic bean is a flower you plant!

How do you grow cali on Moshi Monsters?

just grow a blue love Berrie pink or purple magic bean and a yellow love Berrie and add me on moshi monsters I'm benabdul12345

What do you put with a red magic bean and a pink magic bean on moshi monsters?

you do a poo idiot

What does 1 purple magic bean and 1 yellow love berry and 1 blue love berry get you on moshi monsters?

If you dig up the purple magic bean and plant a star blossom you can get big bad bill if it is black !

What is magic on moshi monsters?

You can get a Magic Bean seed, a Magic mirror.

What 3 flowers attract pooky on moshi monsters?

1 red moon orchard, 1 red magic bean, and 1 purple magic bean. hope this helps!! I'm aqua81898!:)

What can you get with a red magic bean on moshi monsters?

white fang

How do you get Oddi moshi monsters?

plant a purple bean a red bean and a red moon

How do you get the mystery moshling on moshi monsters?

you will have to get blue moon, red apple, and purple magic bean. thanks! What exactly do you mean by 'The mystery moshling'?

What does black magic mean on moshimonsters as a moshi flower?

A Black magic on moshi monsters is a black magic bean flower; so if you buy a magic bean flower and it growns into the colour black.