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Yes, monsters may be 'tribute set'.

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Q: Can you tribute summon a monster face down?
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Can you Tribute Summon a monster in face-up Defense position?

No, a Tribute Summon follows the same position rules as a Normal Summon, so a monster you Tribute Summon is either face-up attack or Tribute Set into face-down defense.

Can you Tribute Summon a monster in face up Defense position?

You cannot tribute summon a monster in face up defense position. You can either tribute summon a monster in face down defense or face up attack position. If you want to summon in face up defense, you need to special summon.

Can you Tribute a face-down monster without flipping it face-up for a Tribute Summon?

Yes, the tributed monster does not have to be face-up at all, it can be tributed while face-down.

Can you activate torrential tribute or bottomless trap hole when you attack a face down monster with high defense?

Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole can only be used in response to a monster's summon. Attacking a monster does not summon it (note that if the monster is face down, this is a Flip and not a Flip Summon).

Can you Tribute a face down monster without flipping it face up for a Tribute Summon?

Yes. Face-down monsters can be tributed for tribute summons, card effects, etc.

Do you have to re-tribute summon a monster if it got put face down by book of moon?

Tribute is only needed for the monster's Normal Summon or Set (or Special Summon in special cases). Flip Summoning does not require any tribute at all, regardless of what monster it is.

If you tribute a monster to summon a LV 5 or 6 monster can you set the tributed monster face-down position?

You can set the monster you tributed for, but the tributed monster is sent to the graveyard

What is a tribute monster?

Taken from the Official English Rulebook: ...However, for Monsters that are Level 5 or higher, you must Tribute at least 1 monster you control before the Normal Summon. This is called a Tribute Summon. Monsters that are Level 5 or 6 require 1 Tribute and Monsters that are Level 7 or higher require 2 Tributes. Monsters that are Tributed are sent to the Graveyard and the "Tribute Monster" you are Summoning is played in face-up Attack position or face-down Defense position (a.k.a. a "Set").

If your opponent has vanguard of the dragon face down and you tribute to the doom it does it's effect still activate an special summon a dragon?

Yes because it's effect says you can summon a normal dragon type monster from either players graveyard. So since tribute to the doom destroys the monster is effect activates.

Can you summon Cyber Shark with a face-down water monster?

no the water monster must be face-up

Can you flip summon a monster that you set that turn?

Generally, no. Synchro Monsters are initially Special Summoned FACE-UP. Therefore, there is not a need for it to be Flip Summoned. However, that Synchro Monster may be affected by a card effect such as Book of Moon. In this case, the Synchro Monster is changed to face-down Defense Position. You can then Flip Summon it when possible.

Can you tribute a monster face down defence?