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Actually he does not die. At the end of the moment when he was going to fall in lava, he saw a ginyu's ship and escapes from namek. And lands on a mysterious planet, and learns instant transmission there only.

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Q: How does Goku come back after dying on Namek?
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How does goku come back to life the second time?

Wish on namek dragon balls

How did goku come back alive if the new dragon can bring back some that die one time and goku die many times?

They revived Goku with Shenron but then when he died again he couldn't be revived by him again, so they moved Namek to revive the others who also couldn't be revived by Shenron. In Namek there was a dragon called Porunga and he could revive anyone regardless of how many times they had died, plus it gave 3 wishes instead of the normal 1.

Why didn't Goku come back after Frieza?

He doesn't because Namek was going to blow up. Goku went in a Ginyu Force member's ship and put in random coordinates. He woke up on a random planet called Yardrat. It is theorized that Goku was learning the Instant Transmission technique when he was haled to return. Since Goku is stronger than the eternal dragon he was able to refuse returning.

Does Goku come back alive?

goku comes back to life many times

Did Bardock come back to life?

yes he does because on namek they wished back every on frieza killed

Can Goku father come back?

yes! he gets wished back with the dragonballs

Does goku come back to life when goten is little?

Well goku meets Goten but Goku was still dead at that point Goku was giving time on earth and Goten and Goku meet each other. The Goku has to leave but in the middle of the majin buu saga the the supreme Kai wishes him back to life to fight majin buu which he wins. (Goku leaves because he is out of time on earth)

How did krillin die against freiza?

Krillin didn't die fighting Frieza, but when Goku turned into a Super Sayin Gohan refused to leave Namek and leave Goku there Krillin said 'Come on Gohan, this is Goku's fight and we need to leave now' then Frieza levitated Krilin into the air and Krillin yelled 'GOK- and before he could even say another word Frieza blew him up.

When does freiza come back?

Do you mean Freeza from Dragon ball Z because it you do he comes back when Goku is about to come back and when future trunks is introduced into the series.

Does Goku come back to earth after the explosion?

Yes, Goku wins the battle and leaves in time but the people on earth try to wish him back to earth but he decides to train in space as a super sayan than come home with his family. But, Frieza is still alive and with his dad king Cooler to give revenge to son Goku but Goku is still not on earth yet and might come home to the horror on his friends death.

In dragon ball z how does Goku come back from the dead the second time?

From Cell?

Would the saiyans come back from the namek dragon balls?

No, because in the manga and anime it is stated the namek dragon balls can only bring back to life people who died within the past year. Since saiyans were destroyed by freeza before the timeline of dragon ball, that is obviously more than a year.