How do you work for Tom Nook?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You work automatically for tom nook at the start of the game, otherwise you cant have a friend round, buy anything (including tools) so i guess u better work for him!

Once you've worked for him you don't need to again- your free in other words.

When you start to work he tells you to put a uniform on and talk twice to everyone in the village and tortimer (who'll be waiting outside the town hall.)

Then he ask's you yo plant trees and flowers around his shop, put something on the message board (it doesn't have to be about nook just put a letter on it then ur done!)

Next he just tells you to write letters to neighbours and give orders to some.

Then YOUR FREE! You can do what youu want now.

(I suggest you buy your first tools- u never know when a sharks nearby or a spaceship or pete or a VERY rare bug right in front of you)

Thanks, Your pal Jess xxx

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Q: How do you work for Tom Nook?
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Why does tom nook not sell to employees?

Beacause you work there. Finish your work and then you can buy

How do you work for Tom Nook on Animal Crossing New Leaf?

This feature for working for Tom Nook is no longer available. You only pay his loans for your home.

What animal is tom nook?

Tom Nook is a Raccoon

When was Tom Nook created?

Tom Nook was created in 2001.

Can you marry tom nook on Animal Crossing?

no becuase who will like tom nook

What is tom nooks last name?

Bruh... Tom Nook is his full name... Nook is his last name, did you really think his first name was tom nook?

On Animal Crossing Wild World How do you puchase from tom nook if you work there?

You have to finish working for Nook first! It's easy, don't worry!

How do you work for pelly in Animal Crossing wild world?

Unfortunately, you cannot work for Pelly in Animal Crossing Wild World. Pelly is the clerk of the town hall and you can only talk to her for donations, accessing you bank account, changing town tunes, the environment, paying your loan from Tom Nook, etc. In the beginning of the game, you work for Tom Nook and "only" for Tom Nook. For town neighbors, you do simple tasks for them and you get simple gifts. You cannot work for Pelly the clerk.

Is tom nook a thief?


Is tom nook a playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

No. Tom Nook is not a playable character in Brawl.

Can you marry tom nook?

yes u can Mary t nook

Is Toom Nook evil in Animal Crossing?

In animal crossing, Tom Nook is not evil. Tom Nook is just a store clerk that tries to sell items to the public for bells to support himself. Tom Nook doesn't do anything evil to you, and is in no way evil.