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Tom Nook gives you 60 bells for a fly

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Q: How much money will tom nook give you for a fly on animal crossing?
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Why wont joan give me a red turnip animal crossing?

have you checked how much money you have because he sells them at very high prices? 1000 bells

How much money do you need to get a manchin for animal crossing wild world?


In animal crossing wild world how much money do you get for selling a horse mackerel?

150 bells

How much money is Animal Crossing City Folk?

$19.50 to $27.99 so shut up rai!

Is there an English site to play Animal Crossing?

No, there isn't a website to play animal crossing. Animal Crossing is a paid-for game, not a game that you play online for free. Nintendo would lose too much money, so it is a paid-for game, and it's too popular not to be sold at stores.

How much do acorns cost in animal crossing wild world?

Tom Nook will give you 100 bells for a good acorn.

How much is Animal Crossing for the 3DS?


I Have To Much Money On Animal Crossing And Brought And Donated Everything What you Do Now?

Bask in your satisfaction of being an amazing AC player. :D

Why did peasants in Tudor times have no money?

because the people they worked for did not give them much money and they normally have animal to get extra money and because they don't have that much money they had to share they one room house with there animal and there family.

In animal crossing city folk why will they let you sell the lightsaber but you cant carry all the money?

Probably because it costs so much.

How much money do you donate to the Town fund to get the fountain on Animal Crossing Let's go to the city?

It's 500,000. but donate it all at once! :)

How much money do you have to pay to get a light house in Animal Crossing City Folk?

After you have already paid enough for the bridge and fountain, 1,000,000 Bells.