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To use the super rod in Pokemon diamond first yo have to find it from a pokeball. Then go into your bag in items and it will say super rod. Press A and it will say use and register. Press a on use when you are by water. and a fishing rod will swing out and when a exclamation mark appears over you characters head press A and you will see a water Pokemon.

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Q: How do you use the super rod in diamond?
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How do you get garados in diamond?

use a super rod

How do you get finnion in Pokemon diamond?

use a super rod

How do you catch a fineon in pokemon diamond?

you have to use a super rod or normal rod

What is the best rod to chatch a feebas in Pokemon diamond?

There is no specificrod that you have to use. You can use Old Rod, Good Rod, or Super Rod. I used Old Rod and it worked fine.

Where do you get Pokemon occtoleri's in diamond?

use a super rod in sunshore or any where with water

How can you catch corphish in Pokemon diamond?

Use the super rod in Celestic Town.

Can you catch a chinchou in Pokemon diamond?

yes, Use a super rod on Route 220

How do you get a super rod on diamond?

pack a punch your good rod ;)

Pokemon diamond rods?

old rod good rod super rod and pie rod

Were Can you catch a luminean on Pokémon Diamond?

you can catch a liminean in the Jubilife city fishing place and use a super rod. you can only get a super rod once you have defeated the elite 4

What is the extreme rod in Pokemon diamond?

NO Such Thing Only Super Rod/Good Rod/Old Rod.

Toget a feebas do you have to use a old rod a rod or a super rod?

use the super rod