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Super Rod.

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Q: What rod do you need to use to catch a shellder?
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How do you catch a shellder in Valley windworks?

use a super rod in that pond of water

What rod do you use to catch shellder?

i would use a super rod. if this is the gen 1 games (red yellow blue fire red or leaf green) you can catch him where the SS anne was (i think you can only catch him on blue or fire red but im not positive)

Where to catch a cloyster on pearl version?

you capture shellder using your super rod by valley wind works. Use a water stone on it to evolve

Pokemon FireRed Shellder?

Use a good rod in seafoam islands.

What rod do you use to catch krabby in Pokemon Yellow?

You need to use a super rod

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get shellder?

Shellder is a version exclusive Pokemon only found in Fire red. But, Instead of Shellder, you can get Slowpoke, if you use a good rod in the Vermillion city harbor.

What rod would you need to use to find Shellder in Pokemon Blue?

I think super rod. Anyway, that's what you need in red version, but it probably won't make any difference to blue version.

How do you get shellder in Pokemon pearl?

use a super rod behind the valley windworks use surf to get there

If you have the super rod can you still catch Pokemon that need a good rod to be caught?

No. You have to use the good rod.

What kind of rod do you need to use to catch a dratini in Pokemon diamon version?

a good rod and/or a super rod

What rod do you need to catch Poliwhirl and what is the best way to do it in Pokemon Blue?

Use Good or Super Rod and you can catch it at route 9 or 10

Where to catch shellder in diamond?

Route 205 (south),It's really hard to catch it, the frequency is 5% so it may take minutes or so... good luck in catching the shellderalso Fuego Ironworks (if you see the river then use the super rod)