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You need to use a super rod

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Q: What rod do you use to catch krabby in Pokemon Yellow?
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Can you catch Krabby with an Old Rod in Yellow Version?

Yes, in Vermilion City near the gym.

What rod do you catch krabby with in Pokemon heartgold?

You can use any rod depending on where you go. The closest route is Route 34 and you can use any rod here. Old Rod - 5% chance of finding a Krabby Good Rod - 37% chance of finding a Krabby Super Rod - 67% chance of finding a Krabby.

What Pokemon can you catch with a good rod?

krabby,goldeen(in fustra something city) Pokemon leaf green :) and I forget. :(

How do you catch krabby in Pokemon FireRed?

It's only available in leaf green. use the good rod Actually YES you can catch Krabby in fire red, they' re just uncommon, and you catch them with good rods.A Krabby is easiest to catch using a Good Rod. It can be obtained in Fuchsia City at the Fishing Guru's house. Nearby, at the beach south of Fuschia, about a fifth of the catches will be a Krabby. It can be caught at the edge of almost any water with waves that you are allowed to fish on. Using a Super Rod to catch a Krabby in FireRed is very difficult, if not impossible. In FireRed at least, they are generally level 6-15, too weak for a Super Rod.

How do you find krabby in Pokemon FireRed?

You can find Krabby in Route 12 and Route 13by using the Super Rod or Good rod.

Where do you catch a poliwag in Pokemon Yellow?

Good Rod in Safari Zone

What rod do you use to catch krabby?

The good rod is recommended allthough the super rod also works as well.

How do you get an ultra rod in Pokemon Yellow?

there is no ultra rod in Pokemon Yellow. the rods that you may obtain are old rod, good rod and super rod.

What can you catch with the super rod in pokmon fire red?

it can range from where u are fishing, u can get seadra, tentacruel, tentacool, krabby, magikarp, gyrados, poliwag, poliwhirl and many other pokemon.

Where do you get water in Pokemon LeafGreen?

get a good rod and fish at route 12 if you can. you can get a krabby. it is pretty good.

Pokemon Gold where to get good rod?

Somewhere in olivine city either in the Pokemon center or near the person who wants to trade you a voltorb for your krabby which can be caught using the good rod.

How do you catch fish Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow with a good rod?

Simply face the water, go into your ITEMS menu, and select your Good Rod. Your character will then cast the line out into the water. Depending on where you're fishing, you may or may not catch something. *Note - this method works with any fishing rod.