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I think super rod. Anyway, that's what you need in red version, but it probably won't make any difference to blue version.

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Q: What rod would you need to use to find Shellder in Pokemon Blue?
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Where do you find a shellder in Pokemon pearl?


Were do you find shellder in Pokemon perl?

in route 201

Where to find Closter in Pokemon Silver?

The only way to get Cloyster is to evolve Shellder.

Can you find a shelder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I know firered can, if you seen a shellder look at it on your pokedex and check its area if it says unkown you will HAVE to trade a shellder to leafgreen from firered.

Can you find shellder with a super rod?

No you can't but you are able to trade it from Pokemon fire red or leaf green

How do you find shellder in Pokemon fire red version?

You fish for it in the town the third gymleader is with a super rod.

Where can you find a wild shellder in Pokemon diamond?

Shellder appears in the bodies of water in the lower part of Route 205, the Valley Windworks, and Fuego Ironworks. You need a Super Rod to catch one.

Where do you get shellder in Pokemon Crystal?

You can find Shellder commonly in Route 21, Vermilion City, Cinnabar Island, Olivine City, and Seafoam Islands. You will need to fish in the bodies of water to encounter it in the wild.

Where can you find shellder in Pokemon FireRed?

Pallette Town with the Super Rod. (Yes, you need the Super Rod in Fire Red.)

Where do you find an ekans in Pokemon Blue?

You can't find Ekans in Pokemon Blue. You have to get it by trading from Pokemon Red.

Where to find Strengh in Pokemon Ruby destiny life of guardian?

where do you find strength in Pokemon blue where do you find strength in Pokemon blue

Where do you catch shelter ln Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cant find Shellder in Leaf Green. You can find Shellder in Fire Red in these locations: Route 25, Cinnabar Island, Icefall Cave Entrance, Lavender Town, One Island, Pallet Town, S.S. Anne (Fish)