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pack a punch your good rod ;)

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Q: How do you get a super rod on diamond?
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Pokemon diamond rods?

old rod good rod super rod and pie rod

How do you get garados in diamond?

use a super rod

What is the extreme rod in Pokemon diamond?

NO Such Thing Only Super Rod/Good Rod/Old Rod.

Where is the ultra rod in Pokemon diamond?

no such thing as an 'ultra rod.' there is a such thing as a 'super rod' though.

How do you catch a fineon in pokemon diamond?

you have to use a super rod or normal rod

Can you find lumineon in Pokemon diamond with a good rod?

No. It is only with the super rod.

How do you get a red Gyarados in diamond?

luck and a super rod

Do you have to have the super rod to catch dragonair in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get finnion in Pokemon diamond?

use a super rod

How do you get a master rod on Pokemon Diamond?

I dont think you do get one you only get a super rod

Can you get carvhana with super rod?

yes you in diamond am not shure can you get it in platinum

Where to get super rod diamond?

Fisher man in fight area