How do you get dratini in diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dratini can be found by using the Super Rod in the area behind the Waterfall in Mt Coronet.

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Q: How do you get dratini in diamond?
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Hop do you get dratini in Pokemon diamond?

when you have a master rod use it in mt coronet and a dratini may appear

Where can you catch a Dratini?


What trainer in diamond uses dratini?

u need nat. dex

Where can you find dratini in Pokemon diamond?

I dont know but you can all ways maicreat it

How do you get a Dragonite on Diamond?

Train a dratini to level 35 then train dragonair to level 55.

How do you obtain a Dratini in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Go to Mt.Coronet and inside use surf. Then use a Super Rod and if you are lucky you will find a Dratini or Dragonair. Or maybe Gyarados.

Where can you get a dragon scale in diamond?

It is located in Wild Horsea, Seadra, Dratini, Dragonair, and Bagon. 5%.

What Pokemon can you get with a super rod in Pokemon Diamond?

you can get a gyarados,magikarp,lumineon,dratini,i think that's all

Where on Pokemon diamond can you find a Dragonite?

the only way is to evole dratini into one. Dratini evolves to Dragonair at Lv.30 and then into Dragonite at Lv.55

How do you get Drangonite in diamond?

The only way to get a Dragonite in Diamond is to transfer it in from GBA games, Get it in trade, Or to catch a Dratini behind the waterfall in Mount Cornet. I have a Dragonite, I've had it since it was a lvl 12 Dratini, Its now lvl 83! ;) Good Luck! Oh, Dragonair evolves in Dragonite at level 55

How do you get the Pokemon dratini on Pokemon Diamond?

To obtain Dratini in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: D: Mount Coronet (2nd time) 4FL (1) (Super Rod) P: Mount Coronet (2nd time) 4FL (1) (Super Rod) -OR- GBA Duel Slot Mainly FireRed or LeafGreen

Can you catch dratini in diamond?

Answer:Yes, in Mt. Coronet, 4th Floor above and below the waterfall. Use the Super Rod while surfing and you'll find level 15-25 Dratini at a 30% chance.