Can you evolv dratini with a stone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can not evolve a dratini with a stone but a dratini evolves in level 100

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Q: Can you evolv dratini with a stone?
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What stone evolves dratini on Pokemon HeartGold?


What level does dratini evolv?

Dratini evolves in level 30 to dragonair, you dimwit, and then evolves to level 55 as a dragonite.dragonite is really strong man.he is even stronger than salamence, but equally the same as garchomp.

How does gligar evolve on Pokemon pearl?

The way to evolve gligar is to train him/her. I can't remember which stone makes him/her evolv

Can dratini be evolved with dawn stone?

No, it cannot. Dratini evolves into Dragonair at lvl 30. Dragonair evolves into Dragonite at lvl 55

Can you use a stone to evolve dratini?

I'm not sure can someone help me! plz

What stone makes dratini evolve into dragonair?

None it must be trained to level 36.

When does rozila evolv?

lvl 20

What does wailord evolv?

wailod does not evove

What levl does Porygon evolve at?

it does not evolv by lvl. use "upgrade" to evolv into porygon 2 and "dubious disk" to evolve into porygon z

What does Gibite evolv in to?

Gibite evalves into garchamp

When does dwebble evolv?

At level 39 or before :p

What lvl does prinpulp evolv?

it evolves at lvl 36