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You attack

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2013-08-01 17:41:27
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Q: How do you use piercing shockwave in trap master?
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How do you to use shockwave in trap master?

Well if your using naurice or whatever the snail things name is you jump and press the down button on your keyboard twice

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I believe it is Shockwave :-D

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No. If there have type of Habbo that doesn't need shockwave, maybe all of the people will use it.

What is the best way to catch messpirit in diamond?

Using the marking map, find Mesprit, if you have the master ball, use it. If not, Trap it with Mean look or a move like that. Another option is to use an ability (Shadow tag or Arena trap).

Is it good to get Adobe Shockwave for Macs?

The Shockwave player allows users to use content created with Adobe's Director software embedded in a web page. If you are visiting websites that require the Shockwave player then it will be necessary to install the player to use the content on the site. If you do not encounter such websites there is no need to install Shockwave. (See links below)

Do you need to catch latios with a master ball?

no use mean look/shadow tag/arena trap and a lot of ultra balls

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How do you catch entai without a master ball?

Lower its hp, affect it a status alignment and use a move like mean look to trap it.

What is nani trap?

where we use nani trap

How do you use a shockwave in stick run on facebook?

Press the letter M

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