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Go to the main menu and click options. Then it should give you a list of options and pause game should be one of them. If your game is paused, the yes box should be filled. Change it to No and return to your game. It should be unpaused now.

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Q: How do you unpause virtual families on iPod touch?
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How do you turn off the lights in the game virtual families for the ipod touch or is that only if you download the game virtual families to the computer?

You toutch the light switch

Is there a hidden path on virtual families for iPod touch?


Can you have twins on virtual families lite for iPod touch?

Yes I have had twins and you can have triplets

How do you save in the app virtual families for iPod Touch?

You don't save it you just press the button on the iPod and it saves automatically.

How many kids can you have on virtual families lite?

If for iPod touch on only 1 child sorry

How do you repair on virtual families on the iPod Touch?

just exit out of the game and go back on and it wont be there anymore

Virtual families Ipod touch Can your virtual people have half siblings?

They can if: the couple has a baby one spouse dies the other get remarried(and isn't to old!) The new couple has kids

Can you test out an iPod touch on the computer?

No, there aren't any virtual simulations of an iPod Touch on the internet. You must go to a store that has an iPod Touch on display for use to demo.

How do you get a pool in virtual familys on the iPod Touch?

You have to purchase it from the Store.

When will virtual villagers 4 be available for iPod touch?

It is out :D

What does VPN stand for on the iPod Touch?

Virtual private network

Can you go away on vacation on virtual families?

I you are talking about the game on an iPod/iPhone then no