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Virtual private network

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Q: What does VPN stand for on the iPod Touch?
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free vpn service for ipod itouch?

free vpn service for ipod itouch

Can the ipod touch go on farm ville on Facebook?

Yes.. I play FarmVille from my iPhone. What I do is access another computer using MochaVNC Lite. You just need to install any VNC Server in any computer and then access it from the iPhone or iPod touch and voala.. If you are in another place, it's so easy.. just setup a VPN between your computer and your iPhone or iPod touch and then use the MochaVNC through the VPN and voala... FarmVille from anywhere using 3G in the iPhone or wi-fi in the iPod.

Can a 3rd generation iPod Touch fit a 2nd generation iPod Touch stand?

Yes, because they are identical in shape and size.

How do you get an iPod touch into the stand it came with?

That is NOT A STAND it is a dock connector for a dock like the ihome EDIT: Actually it is a stand. I confirmed it in an iPod touch unboxing video that shows that the iPod comes with a "stand". I have this same problem with my iPod nano: I think you're supposed to stick the dock connector thru the hole in the bottom, but I suspect this compromises it's ability to stand upright.

What does a dock adapter for iPod touch do?

A dock adapter for the iPOD touch helps you dock the iPOD touch in any type of speaker system.Its not meant for standing on its self . (Bryan Z. B10) The dock adapter also helps the iPod to stand if there is no space left to put your iPod.

How do you access youtube on an ipod touch?

there is an app that look like a t.v. that you push you can't not find it. It must be banned in your country. So you need VPN service to unblock it. Have a try to a cheap and fast vpn service, $5/month. Then you will be on your way.

What comes with in the box of the iPod touch?

1- A USB Cable 2- Earphones 3- A Cleaning Cloth (For the screen from time to time) 4- A plastic piece for you to stand the touch on 5- An iPod Touch Manual That's about it for the Touch.

What comes with an apple you touch?

iPod Touch,30 bit USB 2.0 Connector, Stand thing, Headphones, Manuals

IPhone what does this stand for?

An ipod and a regular phone.*Mostly, It come's from the -Ipod TOUCH- .As you know, an Iphone. Is touchable.And Iphone ( touch ) is touchable, too.It's AN IPOD , AND A PHONE :)Hope it helped.xoxoxo.

What does VPN stand for?

Virtual Private Network

Why was the iPod Touch named the iPod Touch?

Well, because it is an iPod, and it has a touch screen.

How to txt a iPod with another iPod?

You cannot text another iPod Touch with your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch can only go to phones.