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the easiest way to uninstall a minecraft mod (like single player commands)

is to replace the jar file to do this

1.start minecraft.exe(starting minecraft in a web browser will not work)

2. select options force update

4. login and the minecraft jar files will redownload (you will still keep your saves and texture packs)

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Q: How do you uninstall single player commands?
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How do you turn off single player commands without uninstalling it?

You can't... unless you uninstall the mod itself.

Is single player commands 1.2.3 out yet?

well minecraft 1.2.3 single player is beta so there are no commands hopefully in the next version

What mods do you need to chat in single player on Minecraft?

Single player commands are needed.

Can you install TooManyItems and Single Player Commands?


Can you install single player commands in tekkit?


Is it a bad idea to have single player commands for Minecraft?


How do you download single player commands to Minecraft?

you have to cyt

Is there a Single Player Commands for Terraria?

uhh... i doubt that there is one. People normally use cheats or play it regularly to get what they want on Terraria Edit: Single Player Commands are available.

When single player commands is going to be updated to 1.3.2?

it already is

How do you change the time in Minecraft?

You get a mod, such a Single Player Commands.

How do you do commands in Minecraft?

In multiplayer, commands are generally started with a "/" Single player commands have not yet been added, unless you get a mod that has commands, like WorldEdit. They will be added in the next update, 1.3.

How do you do the skycam thing in minecraft?

you can install Single Player Commands and there is a freecam option.