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In multiplayer, commands are generally started with a "/"

Single player commands have not yet been added, unless you get a mod that has commands, like WorldEdit. They will be added in the next update, 1.3.

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Q: How do you do commands in Minecraft?
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Is wands in default minecraft commands?

No. It is in WorldEdit commands.

What version of Minecraft did commands come out?

Minecraft commands were first seen in bukkit server. We do not know when the first commands were made for bukkit servers however

What are the Minecraft commands on Minecraft pocket edition?

the possibilities for commands is endless in bedrock edition as long as you know how to add your own custom commands using command blocks which you can get by typing /give @s command_block

Is it a bad idea to have single player commands for Minecraft?


How do you download single player commands to Minecraft?

you have to cyt

How do you make a command om Minecraft Classic?

You can't have commands on minecraft classic but you can in multiplayer classic

Will there be commands in minecraft pocket edition?

Most likely no, because commands is only a thing that is used for computers.

How do you do you get the bow with commands in minecraft?

/give <name> 261 1

How do you change the time in Minecraft?

You get a mod, such a Single Player Commands.

How do you claim land on Minecraft?

In minecraft survival you can just take any land but in servers you might have to use commands.

What are the commands that can be used on a sign in minecraft?

There are no cammands you just write whatever you want on it.

How do you do the skycam thing in minecraft?

you can install Single Player Commands and there is a freecam option.