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Q: Can you install single player commands in tekkit?
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Do you have to have single player commands for worldedit to work?

No, you don't need anything for world edit to run correctly besides a correctly setup bukkit or Tekkit server

How many GB's does Tekkit take up?

normally the files for tekkit take up 500MB (1/2GB). and you only need 1GB of ram space. make sure you have 64 bit java installed before you install tekkit

Do you need tekkit to play a tekkit server?

It's a Tekkit server. So........ why wouldn't you need Tekkit?

How do you install tekkit mod for minecraft without getting a virus?

There's a Technic Launcher and something called Feed The Beast. In the Technic Launcher, you have things like tekkit, yogbox and in Feed The Beast you can choose from the mod packs that they show you.

Is Minecraft tekkit part?

you mean part tekkit? .........

What are names of some tekkit minecraft server ip?

You can find a number of Tekkit server's on the official Tekkit website. Links are below.

How do you get tekkit on minecraft?

Download the technic launcher, run it and then run tekkit.

Where can you download a tekkit 3.1.2 jar?

You can download tekkit on the technicpack website.

What modpack did cublikefoot use in the series commander tekkit?

The Tekkit mod-pack.

What is better minecraft or tekkit?

Tekkit is mostly a modded version of mincraft but tekkits better

How do you update tekkit if you already declined the update?

try deleting tekkit the re downloading it

Is tekkit free download?

INDUBITABLY! I have had Tekkit for a few months, and its awesome and legit. PS- Look for servers by searching- Tekkit Servers in Google