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Tekkit is mostly a modded version of mincraft but tekkits better

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Q: What is better minecraft or tekkit?
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Is Minecraft better than Tekkit?

Yes it is.

Is Minecraft tekkit part?

you mean part tekkit? .........

How do you get tekkit on minecraft?

Download the technic launcher, run it and then run tekkit.

Did notch make tekkit?

No, Notch only made minecraft. Tekkit is alot of difrent minecraft mods in a modpack.

Can you buy Minecraft tekkit?

If you've purchased a Minecraft premium account then if you download the Tekkit Launcher, it's 100% free.

What are names of some tekkit minecraft server ip?

You can find a number of Tekkit server's on the official Tekkit website. Links are below.

Is tekkit minecraft safe for a mac?


Should Tekkit sue Minecraft for copyright purposes?

'Tekkit' is a collection of mods for Minecraft, the Technic pack. It is user-created content that works with the base Minecraft game. Tekkit has no grounds to 'sue' Mojang for anything Minecraft related, they're using Mojang's intellectual property in the first place.

Which is better tekkit lite or tekkit classic?

This is a matter ofopinion. If you want the game to be easier Tekkit classic is the way to go because once you get so far you can mass produce things for free. Tekkit Lite is harder but is also updated to the latestversionof Minecraft. In the end it comes down to personal preference.

How do you work a cannon in Minecraft tekkit?

Power it with redstone

How do you make a crafting table III on minecraft?


Can you use tekkit in offline multiplayer?

I honestly think so, because their is a buzz of "minecraft tekkit cracked servers".