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Tekkit itself is completely free and requires no registration however you are required to have a premium minecraft account to use the official Technic launcher regardless of whether the server is "Online" or not.

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Q: Does it cost any money to register a account on minecraft tekkit?
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Do have to pay money to register a account on minecraft?

Not to register, just to buy the game and make the account premium.

Does it cost any money to register a account on minecraft?


Where do you send the money for Minecraft?

All of the Minecraft purchasing process is completed online. First, register for a Mojang account (Mojang are the company that run minecraft) at . Then, when your account is complete, go to and log in. Then, you can buy a Minecraft premium account (you can have a free demo, but it only lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes) and at the time of writing this costs €19.95. Hope this helps!

Does it cost money to register Minecraft?

Yes it currently costs $26.95 (USD) to purchase Minecraft.

Does it cost money to get tekkit for minecraft?

Not even a cent! It is completely free. However, the more favorable mod pack for servers is now "Feed The Beast"

Does it cost money to register in minecraft?

No, only if you want to buy the game.

If you uninstall iTunes will you lose your account money?

No, you will not lose your account money. The money you register is related to the account, not the actual iTunes software.

Does it cost to register for Minecraft?

No, it's completely free to register. It only costs money if you choose to buy the game.

Does it cost money to register an account on line rider?


Can you get Minecraft on disc?

No. The most important part about Minecraft is the premium account which you register and pay for online. The client can be downloaded from there too, as it is relatively small. Selling it on disc would be problematic - you'd still have to pay for and register the premium account online, all that'd be on the disc is the client software which is free anyway. So Mojang would be spending money to produce a disc version of free software that the customer could have got after getting their account.

When you go on the icarly register will it make an account and you will have pay money yes or no?

how do u register for i Carly

Does a minecraft account cost money for 2012?

Nope, just the game (premium account)