Can you get Minecraft on disc?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. The most important part about minecraft is the premium account which you register and pay for online. The client can be downloaded from there too, as it is relatively small.

Selling it on disc would be problematic - you'd still have to pay for and register the premium account online, all that'd be on the disc is the client software which is free anyway. So Mojang would be spending money to produce a disc version of free software that the customer could have got after getting their account.

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Q: Can you get Minecraft on disc?
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When is Minecraft coming out on disc?

When is Minecraft coming out on disc

Where can you get Minecraft on a disc?

Minecraft is not currently available on a disc, it must just be purchased online.

Is there a Minecraft disc?

not yet

Do you download minecraft on the PC or buy the disc?

There is no disc, you get it online.

What is a music discs?

A music disc is like a movie disc, except it just playsmusic and not a video, if your talking about minecraft ( the game, then it is a disc you put in a jukebox, in minecraft.

How do you install Minecraft PC to disc?

You insert an empty disc into your PC or CPU and open your downloads folder (or wherever you put the minecraft launcher) and click and drag the minecraft launcher to the empty disc drive located usually on the side of the libraries organizer under "computer".

Do you have to have a disc for Minecraft on the computer?

No, you don't need a disc for the computer. You just need to download it from the website.

What does disc mean when creating a faction in minecraft?


Is there going to a minecraft xbox disc?

there will be on April 30th

Is Minecraft on disc on Xbox 360?

I don't think you can buy minecraft on a disc, but my best guess is 20$ because on the market place it costs 1600 points and 1600 is = to 20$

Can you play with people that do have the disc for minecraft?

Yes, called muiltplayer.

Is Minecraft available on a disc for the Xbox 360?

No, you get it over XBox Live.