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You can bring a flash drive in, and put .minecraft and minecraft.jar in the school computer and thus run the .jar and play minecraft offline, on any worlds.

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Q: How do you unblock Minecraft on school computers?
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To unblock an application that has been blocked by a school administrator you will need to ask the school administrator to unblock it giving a good reason why you need access to the application at school.

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Unblock it at

Where can you unblock stuff at school?

If you need to unblock websites at school, you should speak with your school's IT department or administration for assistance. They can provide guidance on what is and isn't allowed on the school's network. Engaging in unauthorized activities could result in disciplinary action.

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Your school has blocked certain sites - to try to get you to concentrate on your lessons - not use their computers for personal communication which should be done from home ! We in the Wiki community will not help you bypass your school's security protocols !

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Can you get minecraft for the computer?

Yes, Minecraft is readily available for computers on their website.

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There are no schools in Minecraft and/or a school that teaches minecraft.

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Minecraft was originally a game made for computers, but i think the Xbox may have it in their xbox live games now.

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