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you can't, maybe there is a mod for or something but in default minecraft there are no computers...

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Q: How do you make a computer in Minecraft?
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When downloading minecraft what changes can it make to your computer?

Minecraft itself won't make any 'changes' to your computer apart from taking up space on your hard drive.

Does Minecraft classic make a Minecraft file?

No, unless you save a world on your computer files

How do you make minecraft stop lagging for computer?

add more ram

Will downloading minecraft make my computer slow?

Having Minecraft on your computer is unlikely to slow it downTrying to run Minecraft andseveralother things at once might thoughIf your computer has little RAm or an older OS or version of Java, Minecraft itself might run slowlyThis can be avoided by changing the video settings to reduce performance

How do you make your own world on minecraft on the computer?

log in to minecraft, click singleplayer, click create new world, then choose what you want in it.

How did notch make Minecraft on the computer?

notch used programming which i have no idea how to do but long minecraft commands are pretty much the same thing.

Does Minecraft mess up your computer?

Minecraft doesn't mess up your computer. Minecraft is a malware free program.

Does all minecraft download harm computers?

No, Minecraft shouldn't harm your computer, that is if you have a good computer with good FPS if not then minecraft will run slow. In other words you may have gotten it from a different website which may have a virus or in worst cases harm your computer. Make sure to download it from for no virus which could harm your computer.

Can you play Xbox Minecraft with computer Minecraft?

no you can not

How do you make minecraft work for your Windows 98 computer?

Try getting KernelEx, but whar are the specs in your computer? laptop or desktop?

What type of computer do you have to have for Minecraft?

Minecraft is made to work with ANY computer that uses java.

Does minecraft make your computer slow-?

If Minecraft is not running, no it will not slow your computer down.If you have a low end or older computer then playing Minecraft may slow it down a little as it's a fairly hardware intensive game. Just give it as much ram as you can and turn the graphic details down until your happy with it.The Minecraft WiKi has a lot of information on managing the game.