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There are no schools in minecraft and/or a school that teaches minecraft.

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Q: Where is the nearest Minecraft school?
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How do you play minecraft on school laptops 2012?

get the minecraft.exe from the minecraft website

How do you open Minecraft on a school computer My school decided to block Minecraft when you open Minecraft it will go to the home screen then in about 1-2 seconds the screen will close?

That happened when i tried to do it on my computer at school when the school has blocked it you can not get on but you can ask you librarian or a teacher why they blocked it and why they did.

How do you unblock Minecraft on school computers?

You can bring a flash drive in, and put .minecraft and minecraft.jar in the school computer and thus run the .jar and play minecraft offline, on any worlds.

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How can you get Minecraft on a school computer? download from there

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If you buy Minecraft alpha would you have to download and play or could you still play online because your computer is from your school and nothing can be downloaded on it?

Minecraft will hang if you play online because the Minecraft server IP is (probably) banned from the school network.

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