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No, but minecraft does work on Macs.

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Q: Is there a application just like minecraft for mac computers?
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Can you login into multiple computers on minecraft?

Yes, but only 1 of the computers can actually be online (like being on a multiplayer server).

How do you make carrots on Minecraft?

Just like in real life, you can't "make" carrots in Minecraft. You can, however, plant them just like seeds and potatoes.

Can Minecraft work on computers that were made before it?

Not really old ones, but maybe like a year prior, yes.

How do you play tutorial map on Minecraft?

the demo? you play it like you play minecraft just do what it says

That information appliances like PDAs will replace personal computers in business application?

Do you think that information appliances like PDAs will replace personal computers (PCs) in business applications? Explain.

What is a ocelot for Minecraft?

its a animal that if you tame it, it will turn in to a cat that helps you just like if you tamed a wolf on minecraft.

Do sheep reproduce on Minecraft?

You can breed them just like any other animal in minecraft, but they will also just respawn if you wait long enough.

How are computers used in a football game?

you see, coaches use computers to, like, play minecraft and WoW while the players play the game. lazy coaches. they're so stupid.

How do you grow carrots on minecraft?

Just like Wheat or Potatoes

What is the password for install Minecraft 1.0?

You don't actually have to install Minecraft 1.0. Just play Minecraft for Free, and presto! Works like magic.

Why can't I see through Minecraft leaves - I AM on Fancy graphics?

because Minecraft leaves are just fancy like that

Is there a mod that raises the mod cap for minecraft?

You can get a mod to do just about ANYthing you want, just do a Yahoo/Google search for something like "minecraft mod".