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Hold down the 'Mode' button, it will cycle through the lighting options, stop pressing the mode button when the lighting option you want is active.

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Q: How do you turn off the light on the afterglow headset?
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How do you troubleshoot the Motorola H700 bluetooth headset?

Turn off your phone charge it all night. Do the same to your Bluetooth headphone. Now after you are sure that both the devices are fully charged, go ahead and turn on your Phone. Make sure the headset is still off (folded in and bluelight not blinking). In your Phone set go to the Bluetooth connection (in my Motorola L6 it was in Menu>Settings>connection>bluetooth>handsfree) Now press the talk button on the Headset for about 5 seconds. The ring will turn purple. This is the "Find Me" mode of the headset. Now in your phone, click "look for devices." Your phone will find the Headset. Do a "Select" and it will probably ask for a password. put in "0000" it should then successfully connect and also save the connection.

Why is the green light flashing on my PS3?

The PS3's power indicator blinks when you turn off the system to tell you it's shutting off. As you probably know, the blue light indicates that a disc is in the drive and the red light is when the PS3 is off and in standby mode. A constant green blinking light could mean some problem occurred and it is taking longer than normal to shut off, if it doesn't turn off, hold the front power button down for 10 seconds to turn it off. You may then have to turn the PS3 on again with the same button as the PS button on the controller may not turn it back on.

How do you pair a gioteck ex-01 to a PS3?

The full instructions to do this are included in the manual. You will need to go to the correct part of the PS3 system to pair the device. The headset needs to go into pairing mode. This is done by holding down the on/off switch for 9 seconds, until the light at the front of the headset flashes green and blue.

Why does my Wii light turn black when I shut it down from my remote or power button?

If you mean the green power light, perhaps the yellow/red standby light blew out? If you're referring to the blue light in the disc tray, you can turn this off and on in your Wii settings. >Wii Settings >second page> WiiConnect24 >Slot Illumination Bright, Dim or Off

Why does the Nintendo Wii turn on by itself because of the internet connection?

When you turn it off and you have internet,it will stay a little bit on and the light will turn kind of ember color.It stays part way on so it will know if you get a email.

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Why wont your wired afterglow mic turn off mute?

I think its broken

How do you turn off our headset?

you need to plug it out

How do you turn on the G-shock auto el backlight with afterglow?

Hold the illuminate/light button down for 2-3 seconds until the watch beeps. The same thing turns it off.

How do you turn off Motorola H700?

once you flip close the microphone, the headset is turned off

How do you charge the wireless afterglow headset?

Plug the provided USB charging and charging cable into the headset and the other end into the console/computer to charge while the headset is active. The headset can also be charged while it is powered off. ht tps: // yazi ng. com /deals /hp/ Krater18

How do you turn off headset on a lg flip phone?

hit s.source on remote turn on personel

How do you use a headset for read dead redemption?

plug it in to the sistim and take it off and turn it on

Plantronics password for 8xx?

The Plantronics Voyager 855 bluetooth pairing passkey is 0000. The pairing procedure is as follows: 1. Turn ON the bluetooth feature on your phone. 2. Turn the headset off by pressing and holding the call control button until the indicator turns red and then turns off. 3. Turn the headset back on by pressing and holding the call control button until the indicator flashes red/blue. The headset remains in pairing mode for 3 minutes. 4. Use the commands on your phone to locate the headset. 5. When prompted for the passkey, enter 0000. When pairing is successful, the indicator on your headset turns off. Your headset is now connected and ready to use.

How do you reset password on Motorola H710?

To reset the Motorola H710 Bluetooth headset, simply turn the headset off. Then, hold the on button down for about 10 seconds until the blue light quits blinking. The headset is now ready to be paired with any Bluetooth capable device.

How do you turn off a light if it is on a timer?

Usually there is a knob that clicks when you turn it, as you turn it the light will go on and off.

Do you say 'switch off the light or turn off the light'?

well most people say turn off the light but you could say switch of the light.

How does vsc light turn off on 2005 highlander?

How does vsc light turn off on 2005 highlander?