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The full instructions to do this are included in the manual. You will need to go to the correct part of the PS3 system to pair the device. The headset needs to go into pairing mode. This is done by holding down the on/off switch for 9 seconds, until the light at the front of the headset flashes green and blue.

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Q: How do you pair a gioteck ex-01 to a PS3?
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How do you pair a gioteck ex-01 to a PS3 when it is asking for a password?

the password is '0000' (four zero's) it was in the manule EX-01

How does the Gioteck EX-02 for PS3 charge what colors does it go?


Can you use your gioteck ex 01 bluetooth headset for ps3 with your acer aspire?

yes due to it having a usb slot/port thingy at the end of it but you shall need to adjust things on your control panel but its simple so no worrys

Can a PS3 controller be taken anywhere and used on another PS3?

Yes, but you will have to pair it for each console.

When is the Gioteck PlayStation 3 HF1 Controller out?

12 of November it is released according to

How do you turn on the integrated bluetooth in the PS3 so i can pair it to my router and go online?

That's not how you set up online connection on the PS3

How can you tell when the Gioteck headset EX-02 for the PS3 is charged or when it is charging?

When the Gioteck EX-02 headset is charging, the LED indicator on the device will display a red light. Once fully charged, the LED light will turn green. Charging usually takes around 2-3 hours and the headset can provide up to 8 hours of gameplay once fully charged.

How do you pair the noisehush N450 bluetooth headset to ps3?

hold the buton while u scan

What is the passkey to pair plantronics explorer 2xx with ps3?

0000 almost all are 0000, but you can reset most

How do you pair plantronics voyager pro to PS3 my PS3 cant find it?

do not turn your headset on until you start searching with the ps3. Once you have started searching press and hold the voyager power button until it starts flashing red and blue. It worked for me

How set up freedom komodo bluetooth headset for ps3?

First, make sure it is charged. Then plug it in to the PS3 via USB. It will then "pair" it with the system and you are ready to use it. Just keep in range for the bluetooth to work.

How long does it take the Blue tooth headset to pair on the PS3?

It should not take long, if you are having trouble see related questions answer