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There are certain types of people down there, and they all look like hikers. Check this out to find out what kind and where they are! they are the colored squares.

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Q: How do you trade underground goods on Pokemon diamond?
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Where do you get underground in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can't get underground in soul silver. if you're looking for stones trade Pokemon from diamond, pearl, or platinum holding them.

How do you get arodactyal in Pokemon Diamond?

revive old amber obtained by mining in underground or trade

What items does mr goods gives you on Pokemon diamond?

A gym statue when your have 8 badges. he also gives you a yellow crystal if you put a bunch of traps underground and a globe if you trade at the gts(global trade service).

Where do you get underground items in Pokemon diamond?

You can get them from veilstone city department store. you can also get them underground when you trade in dug up items.

How do you get aredactlr in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You need to go in the underground and find an Old amber or trade it with someone.

Is there a place where you can trade shards for stones in Pokemon diamond?

Sadly, no. You can get stones in the underground. Just keep digging.

How do you get seal the Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

trade from diamond trade from diamond

Can you transfer or trade Pokemon white to diamond?

No, but you can transfer/trade Pokemon from Diamond to White.

Where do you find water stones in Pokemon diamond version?

But if you want a water stone, trade one over from firered/leafgreen on a Pokemon or you can find one in the underground.

How do you catch a Roselia in pokemon heartgold?

You can't. You have to trade from someone from Pokemon Diamond to get it. If you can trade from Diamond...

Where do you get the bed for your secret base in Pokemon diamond?

u need to going to the underground hikers every day to see if he has a bed to trade you.

How do you trade from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

You can't trade Pokemon from diamond to shadows of almia, only from shadows of almia to diamond.