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trade from diamond trade from diamond

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Q: How do you get seal the Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?
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Where do you find the Seal case in Pokemon Pearl?

U get it at the right of solaceon

What AR code will allow you to remove a seal from a Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

..You do not need an Action Replay cheat code to remove seals from Pokemon in Pearl.. ======================================================================================================================== I can't remove the seal because of a bad hack. That's why I need an AR code.

How do you use seals in Pokemon pearl?

you go to any PC then go to your PC then it says seals the assign a seal to your Pokemon

How do seals work in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

If you put a seal on a pokeball on the game computer, when you throw that Pokemon out, it will show the seal show then. (Don't worry! It took me a while to figure that out too!) Hope this helps!

How can you get a diamend in Pokemon pearl?

you cant get a diamond on Pokemon pearl but you can get a pearl on diammond ...and pearl.

What is Pokemon 147 in pearl?

Pokemon no.147 in the Pokemon Pearl National Pokedex is Dratini.

Where can you get Exp All in Pokemon Pearl?

how to get shining Pokemon on pearl vershow can you get shining Pokemon in pearl version

Where is bulbasaurin Pokemon Pearl?

You can not get Balbasaur in Pokemon pearl

Barboach on Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, you can get it on Pokemon Pearl.

Pokemon Pearl id?

What is the pokemon pearl ID?

Is mime jr the Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

There is no mime jr. on Pokemon pearl. On diamond there is mime jr. on Pokemon pearl there is bonsly

Where is Hayley in Pokemon Pearl?

Hayley is a character in My Pokemon Ranch, not Pokemon Pearl.