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You can get them from veilstone city department store. you can also get them underground when you trade in dug up items.

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Q: Where do you get underground items in Pokemon diamond?
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Is there a cheat for Pokemon diamond that gives you all underground items?

yes 453567a2 a2b46c32 [all items] is the name

Where do you get heartcales in Pokemon Diamond?

In the Pokemon diamond underground.

Where to get the hiden underground items poke tech app on Pokemon diamond?

from dawn ( choose right hand )

When you buy a decoration for your underground base in Pokemon Diamond how do i access it?

Go to the computer in your base & select store items.

What is the Action eplay cheat for all underground items in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

just google it it's not hard

How do you use the explorer kit in Pokemon diamond?

go to key items find it and hit use save and your in underground

Are there Pokemon underground in diamond?


How can you go underground in Pokemon diamond?

you get an explorer's kit from a guy in a hous ein Eterna city, go outside, go to key items, click it and you will go underground.

How do you get gems in Pokemon diamond?

the underground

Where in the underground do you get ether on diamond Pokemon?

ether is not found in the underground. sorry.

Where can you get a hartscale in Pokemon Diamond?

you can get them from digging in the underground

How do you find fosils in Pokemon Diamond?

in the underground