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Sadly, no.

You can get stones in the underground. Just keep digging.

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Q: Is there a place where you can trade shards for stones in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get 10 shards in diamond?

Shards can sometimes be dug up underground, so that is the best place to look for them.

Where are all the stones that evolve certain Pokemon located in Pokemon Ruby?

StonesTo get a water stone you must have a Pokemon who knows dive.first go to the abandonded ship and as you go in on your right are three doors go through the MIDDLE one and use dive.when there is light from above go in to all the rooms that you can and pick up the shiny things some will be keys and in 1 room there is a water stone They are all over the place. Get red shards, green shards, blue shards, and yellow shards. Ask this guy near mossdeep and then he willtrade you with a stone.AnswerThere are dive spots all over Hoenn. Dive in these spots and some of them will lead to various colloured shards. Trade these shards with 'the hunter' (just off Mossdeep City) for the elemental stones of that colour. Red shard (Fire stone), Blue shard (Water stone), Green shard (Leaf stone) and Yellow shard (Thunder stone). The Sun stone and Moon stones are found elsewhere in the game. or just buy them in mossdeep department store

Can you buy evolution stones in Pokemon diamond?

no u cant buy evealoition (sorry dont no how 2 spell it) stones but is u talk to people around the place they might give u an evealoition stone! just tel me what you need, i found loads of stones in the underground

How do you get to the hearthome ruins on Pokemon diamond?

no such place

Where is the espshare in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to the place

Pokemon diamond how to get the TM earthquake?

at a place

How do you get to the place were dead pokemon are buried on pokemon diamond?

It is on rout 209

Where do you find Rilo in Pokemon Diamond?

ask someone at a Pokemon place

How NT shards does it take to learn ice punch in Pokemon platinum?

Go to house by pastoria it to the left of the city past muddy swamp place give the lady 20 blue shards

How do you get shards in platinum?

Well, In Pokemon Platinum you are able to find shards in the underground, a place obtainable after you get the underground kit in Eterna City, and sometimes when you are using the Item Finder( Dowsing app) you are able find them hidden in places. Specific Pokemon can hold shards. I would suggest going to for more information. They have a wide variety of information about Pokemon all over the world from video games to episodes to Special Events. Try going there and I hope that my answer was helpful!

Where are all the trainers want to battle in diamond?

pokemon place after pokemon legal

Where is the fog place in Pokemon diamond?

that's crazy!