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You must learn rock smash. You get that from a man standing in the right of you you when you have beaten sudowoodo

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Q: How do you smash boulders in Pokemon Gold?
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How do you smash the boulders in Pokemon Gold?

you must get the hm rock smash, if the bolders are a redish-brown with cracks then you can smash the rocks

How can you move boulders in Pokemon diamond?

you can use the hm strength you can smash rocks with rock smash

How do you smash boulders in Pokemon Pearl?

If your talking about the tan-ish lumpy ones, then as soon as you walk into mt. Coronet a mountain man will give you the hm rock smash. Then once you beat the oreburgh gym you can teach it to a Pokemon. Then put that Pokemon in your party and walk up to one of the boulders. Press a and it will ask you if you would like to smash it. Say yes and your Pokemon will smash it and you can walk by.

How do you move boulders that you can't smash them with rock smash in Pokémon's diamond version?

You need to teach the HM strength to a pokemon.

How do you break rocks in Pokemon yellow?

You cannot as rock smash was not introduced until Gold/Silver/Crystal. You can use HM 04 Strength to move certain boulders though.

How do you move boulders in Pokemon Gold?

To move boulders in Pokemon Gold you need a Pokemon with the HM move Strength. Selecting the Pokemon in the menu outside of battle should let you use it if you have beaten the Olivine City Gym.

Where do you get the item magmarizar in Pokemon platinum?

on route 214 just behind two boulders which you can smash

How do you remove boulders in Pokemon Diamond?

If the boulders are smooth then you need to get one of your Pokemon to learn strength to move it and if the boulder is rough then you need to get your Pokemon to learn rock smash ( both of these moves require HMs to be learnt)

Where is nosepass in Pokemon sapphire?

Nosepass is a rare Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sapphire. It can only be found by using Rock Smash on boulders in Granite Cave.

How do you find nosepass in Pokemon sapphire?

In granite cave, use rock smash on the boulders until they appear.

In Pokemon pear how do you get past all the boulders blocking the way?

Use strength or use rock smash.

Where do you find a shuckle in Pokemon heaet gold?

Someone gives one away in Cianwood City. To catch one of your own, use, Rock Smash on boulders in Cianwood City or Vermilion City.