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Someone gives one away in Cianwood City. To catch one of your own, use, Rock Smash on boulders in Cianwood City or Vermilion City.

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Q: Where do you find a shuckle in Pokemon heaet gold?
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How can you get a Shuckle in Pokemon?

in Pokemon gold/silver this guy, in cianwood city, will ask you to hold is Pokemon. the house is right below the gym

How long does it take to get rare candy from shuckle In emerald?

Shuckle can only make rare candies in gold/silver/crystal.

Where is wailmer in Pokemon gold?

You can't find it in Pokemon Gold. Wailer is a 3rd Generation Pokemon not available in 2nd Generation.

Where can you find a Pokemon Gold walk tough book?

Go to google and type "Pokemon Gold Walkthrough" .

Pokemon Gold walkthough?

find out on your own nerds Pokemon sucks

Where can you find Pokemon Gold version?

you can probably find it on Ebay

Where do you find raiku in pearl?

you cant find raiku in Pokemon pearl just Pokemon gold

How do you get legendary pokemon in gold?

you have to find and catch them

The first fire Pokemon and where it is on gold?

The first fire Pokemon in Gold is Cyndaquil and you find it in Prof. Elm's lab

How do you find Charmander in Pokemon gold?

you can't find a Charmander, you have to get a Charmander by trading a pokemon to a person that has a Charmander.

How do you find the white orb in pokemon heart gold?

It attracts a ledendary pokemon.

What Pokemon is in the 4 islands in Pokemon gold?

If you are on the right island you will find lugia