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You cannot as rock smash was not introduced until Gold/Silver/Crystal. You can use HM 04 Strength to move certain boulders though.

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Q: How do you break rocks in Pokemon yellow?
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How do you break rocks in Pokemon Ruby?

You can break rocks by using the move Rock Smash.

How do you break the rocks in the cave on Pokemon diamond?

get the HM strength, and teach it to a Pokemon

Pokemon LeafGreen what TM breaks rocks?

There is no TM that can Break rocks in Pokemon leaf green there is however in HM that breaks rocks called RockSmash

How do you smash rugged rocks in Pokemon Sapphire version how do you break rugged rocks in Pokemon Sapphire?

HM06 Rock Smash

How do you break the rocks in Pokemon white?

If you're talking about the small, rugged rocks, then I don't think you can. The only rocks I know you CAN move/break are the huge boulders made for Strength.

Which Pokemon move rocks?

Any Pokemon able to learn the HM strength can move boulders. To shatter rocks you need the HM Rock Break.

What skill can break rocks in Pokemon shiny gold?

Rock smash silly.

Where can you get aerodactyl in Pokemon X?

Restore it by fossil when you break rocks in the Glittering Cave

How do you break rocks in Pokemon emerald?

I have "Rock smash" with a level 13 Geodude But when I press the interact button it does the same text (It looks like a pokemon could break this)

How do you break the meteor rocks in Pokemon platinum?

cheesy cheese pufs smell cheese

How do you get Pokemon fossils in Pokemon HeartGold?

i think u have to use rock smash on rocks and a fossil will be found in the rubble

How do you break a rock on Pokemon Diamond?

Teach the HM Rock Smash to a Pokemon and interact with the rock. Round rocks need the move strength and not all Pokemon can use these moves.