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When you start the game, load a game from one of the memory slots. When you quit the game, your progress will have been saved automatically. Next time, load the same memory slot to continue playing where you left off.

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Q: How do you save your game on WII Petz Horse Club?
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How do you save your game in Petz Crazy Monkeyz?

How does one save their progress on Petz Crazy Monkeyz game disc (Wii)?

How do you change a horses name on My Horse Club?

To change a horse's name on My Horse Club, first ensure that you have the necessary in-game currency or meet any requirements set by the game. Navigate to the horse's profile or settings page, where you should find an option to edit or change the name. Follow the prompts to input the new name and save your changes.

How do you restart petz my kitten family on ds?

I was having trouble with this myself, then I figured it out by accident. If you want to restart the game, save your game, then remove the cartridge when it warns you not to touch the cartridge or switch the power off. It will corrupt your save file and the game will delete it when you turn it back on.

How do you download petz breeds?

First, save the breed to your desktop. You go to wherever you store Petz. Then, go to Resource>Dogz (or Catz) folder and MOVE IT THERE.

On club penguin ds game how do you save and quit?

Everytime you complete a mission it automatically saves. There is no other way to save besides that.

How do you save game on Midnight club Los Angele's?

its easy to save midnight club los angeles first go to the garage.second go to exit garage wonce u exit garage it will save automaticaly without telling you

How do you save a game in club penguin computer?

you should try look for the club penguin help or ask the club penguin staff to help you solve it.

How do you save in Club Penguin Elite Force?

It automatically saves when you finish a mission, buy clothes, or play a game.

How do you save in club penguin when you are half way through a game?

you can't if you want to save during a mission or something you can't you have to start all over again. Sorry!!

How do you delete petz nursery 2 data?

If you want to delete the current save data and start a new game, please keep pressing the L, R, X, B and SELECT Buttons at the same time in the title screen.

What is a homophone for hoarse?

Horse Save

How do you save on Club Penguin?

You dont save, it save automatically