How do you delete petz nursery 2 data?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you want to delete the current save data and start a new game, please keep pressing the L, R, X, B and SELECT Buttons at the same time in the title screen.

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Mine still isn’t reseting please help
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Q: How do you delete petz nursery 2 data?
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Can you have babies on petz nursery 2?


How do you breed on Petz nursery 2?

You cant

Can you connected petz catz playground to petz nursery 2?

yes i think so

How do you restart petz nursery 2?

Click L, x b

Is there a pet lion in petz nursery 2 the ds game?

yes there is its cool

How do you use your pets code on petz nursery 2?

how do you use your pet code

How do you delete petz catz 2?

Okay, so open the game and click on a cat, go to the options/settings menu and select reset data hope this helps

How are pets codes unlocked for petz nursery 2?

You need to start the game, then to unlock a code you raise a pet then go to the bottom bar click on the wireless button then a button that has a computer to view the petz codes petZ don't forget petZ not petS!

Which petz game is best?

Okay i will name them 1 to 10 best games 1.petz monkey 1 1/2. petz bunnyz 2.petz cats 3.petz nursery 4.petzdogz 5. petz wld animals dolphins 6.petz hamsters 7.petz horses 8.petz fantasy midnight magic 9.petz fantasy sunshine magic 10.petz tigerz i would know i have all 66 games and all 21 game consoles

Can Petz Catz Playground connect to petz Nursery 2?

I'm not sure if you can. The cats breeds found on that game aren't the same as on Catz Playground, but there isn't a new Catz game that I know of so possibly.

How do I delete my My League batter without deleting the pitcher in Baseball Superstars 2?

You can delete the batter and pitcher data separately when you press 'Delete My League Data'

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