How do you delete petz catz 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Okay, so open the game and click on a cat, go to the options/settings menu and select reset data hope this helps

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Q: How do you delete petz catz 2?
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Is there a Petz catz 2 for ps2?

Yes they made a Petz Catz 2 for the PS2 and released it on November 14 2007

Is desktop mode available with Petz 2 Catz 2 for the PC?

Yes, desktop mode is available for the PC version of Petz 2 Catz 2. Petz 2 Catz is a popular pet care simulation video game.

Which game is better Petz catz 2 or Purr pals?

I have petz catz 2 for wii, but I dont know how purr pals is.....

How can you beat the tutorial on Petz catz clan?

There is no tutorial on petz catz clan.

Can you connected petz catz playground to petz nursery 2?

yes i think so

What are the codes for petz catz 2?

one is havfun

Can Petz Catz Playground connect to petz Nursery 2?

I'm not sure if you can. The cats breeds found on that game aren't the same as on Catz Playground, but there isn't a new Catz game that I know of so possibly.

What is cabbage white on Wii Petz Catz 2?

A cabbage white is the first insect you have to catch in pets catz 2

How do you delete cats on catz 2?

Well, from me playing Catz 2 I found out you cant delete cats.

Is there a Wii game similar to Xbox's Kinectimals?

Yeah, I think Petz: Dogz 2 and Petz: Catz 2 are similar, check them out!

How do you get babies in petz catz clan?

they can have babies

How do you get unlimited cats in Petz Catz Clan?

its impossible