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How does one save their progress on Petz Crazy Monkeyz game disc (Wii)?

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Q: How do you save your game in Petz Crazy Monkeyz?
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How do you restart petz my kitten family on ds?

I was having trouble with this myself, then I figured it out by accident. If you want to restart the game, save your game, then remove the cartridge when it warns you not to touch the cartridge or switch the power off. It will corrupt your save file and the game will delete it when you turn it back on.

How do restart petz catz clan?

Start the game,and hold down the:L,X,B,select then it will say:Do you want to Initialize the save data. And so on.

How do you download petz breeds?

First, save the breed to your desktop. You go to wherever you store Petz. Then, go to Resource>Dogz (or Catz) folder and MOVE IT THERE.

How do you save your game on WII Petz Horse Club?

When you start the game, load a game from one of the memory slots. When you quit the game, your progress will have been saved automatically. Next time, load the same memory slot to continue playing where you left off.

How do you delete petz nursery 2 data?

If you want to delete the current save data and start a new game, please keep pressing the L, R, X, B and SELECT Buttons at the same time in the title screen.

How do you get to restart petz hamsterz superstarz?

push all the buttons down <lrabyx> or when u save it take out gam card and turn off

How do you save a game in halo anniversary?

Pause the game and select save and quit. It will save the game from the last checkpoint. Note: There is no auto save.

How To Save A Game In San Andreas?

you save your game in the house

Why in Pokemon diamond when you save the game it saves but when you try to load your saved file it goes fatal?

ok you have to save the game and reload the game-save reset and then load the saved game-after that close the game and put it on ok you have to save the game and reload the game-save reset and then load the saved game-after that close the game and put it on

How can you save on playR?

Each game on PlayR has a different way to save your game. There is a save game that is next to the controls on the right hand side of your game screen that will allow you to save your game and go back to it later.

How do you save game in super Mario galaxy 2?

Buy the game. It Then will probably save when you first start the game OR you have to save it manually.

How do you save this game?

you press save