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Go into the stables. Bring up the menu which gives the names of the horses currently in the stable. Select a horse and click 'ride'

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Q: How do you ride a horse in the fields on pet vet?
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How do you get to the fields on pet vet?

Yes i have been wondering about that to my task says go take a horse for a ride in the fields but still none of them are unlocked. ill tell you if i find anything out.

How do you ride on the trails in Pet Vet Paws and Claws?

To ride on the trails on the game Pet Vet Paws and Claws walk up to a horse to get on it. Then ride to a fence and jump over it then head to the trails and ride.

How do you ride a horse on Paws and Claws Pet vet for DS?

First, You are in the Main Screen click ride out and you can choose your horse.......

Where are the fields in pet vet?

behind the pet shop

How do you get into the fields on Paws and Claws Pet Vet?

Pet Vet was made in an error because you cannot access the fields without the special "patch" included. But then again, it's not the end of the world if you can't get to the fields. You just could continue on with Pet Vet without going out there.

How do you get the horse to jump over the fence to get into the fields and meadows in paws and claws pet vet?

You don't. You cannot jump your horse in the game. I've read on other websites you have to download something from the Internet, restart the Pet Vet game (make a new one) and the fields will be unlocked. I'm still trying to figure out how to get past it, but even with 3 horse inpatients and one of my own, I can't get past.

How do you unlock the different fields on horse in pet vet PC?

Start a fresh new game. Then follow the steps it gives you! If you do it correctly it should unlock.

Do you give your horse a needle or does the vet?

always let the vet give your pet (in this case horse) a shot

How do you feed your inpatient horse on pet vet?

I have no clue.

Can you ride a horse after there injection?

depends on the injection ask your vet!

Can you breed horses on pet vet 2?

No, on Pet Vet 2 you cannot breed horses. You can own a horse but only one.

Your task list for paws and claws pet vet says to buy a horse and ride it around you already did that but a new task has not come what do you do?

That problebly means that you finished all of your quests!!!!Congratz!!!