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You have to purchase the games. Yahoo Answers does not support pirating.

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Q: What is the activation code and email for Paws and Claws Pet Vet?
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What is the activation code for cooking academy 2?

You will find the activation code on the email its will say "Activation code : 00000Thank you.

What is the School tycoon activation code and email?

You must buy the game for these. Other activation codes that you find or are given are either fake or expired.

How do you get all the Cuddly Moshlings on Moshi Monsters?

A code for the Cuddly Werewolf can be found in Moshi Magazine #2. You can buy some of the Cuddly Moshlings at the Paws 'n' Claws shop at the Port on Moshi Monsters. You have to be a paid Moshi Member to go to the Port. You can also buy some of the Cuddly Moshlings in the Bizarre Bazaar. Please note that these codes may have expired: Cuddly Big Bad Bill: Code: MOSHI310 Cuddly Cutie Pie: Paws 'n' Claws Level 2 or Codes: CUPCAKE12 or QUACKATTACK39 (Note: expired) Cuddly Ecto: Paws 'n' Claws Level 3 Cuddly General Fuzuki: Paws 'n' Claws level 2 Cuddly IGGY: code from completing a challenge in September of 2012 or: MUNCH Cuddly Kissy: Code: FIZZING Cuddly Lady Meowford: Paws 'n' Claws level 5 Cuddly Peppy: Code: BLEURGH Cuddly Priscilla: Code: SPINACHTOFFEE (Note: expired) Cuddly Tiki: Code: ZIPPSTERS

Where do you enter your activation code in moshi monster?

When you want to make a Moshi monster you send it to your email then when you click on the email they send you the second link that is blue,click on it and it will ask you for your activation code.Go back to the email they send you and keep scorlling down until you find your activation code.Copy it,then go to the activation website and paste it there.When you do that your account will be activated! PS add me I'm cuchi0922

What is the activation code for gemclashgenerator?

The activation code for gemclashgenerator is 111223457.

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What is the activation code for cooking academy 2?

You will find the activation code on the email its will say "Activation code : 00000Thank you.

What is the Activation Code to Neopets?

You get sent one as an email so check your email and then input it into the box that says activation code or something like that.

How do you get your Activation Code on Neopets?

They send your activation code to you via the email address that you gave them when you signed up

Where the do you get the activation code for honeyz web?

They send it to your email.

What is the free realms activation code?

all you have to do is give em you're email and they will send you there activation email for you're acount : ]

What is the activation code for Neopets?

Go to your email that you put for it when it asked you whats you email.

What is the Neopets activation code?

An Activation Code is a code you receive after registering with Neopets. It comes in an email that is sent to the email account you registered with. You use this code to gain access to all of Neopet's features depending on your age.

How do you get a activation codefor you dress up?

when you have loging to i zone you have to go to your email to check your activation code.

Why does it take so long for furry paws to give you the activation code?

cause he's awesome

How do you get the activation code in travian?

By reading your email it was registered with and clicking the link to it in the email sent.

What is the code on moshi monsters for the general fuzuki stuffed toy?

There is no code to get it but if your a member they sell it in Paws-n-Claws in the port

How do you put in your activation code on club penguin?

just go to your email

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