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I have Pokemon pearl but it worked for me and it should be the same. Go to any Pokemon centre and go to the PC. It'll then ask you 'Which PC should be accessed?', click on your own PC, then ball capsules. Click the ball capsule that your Pokemon is attached to then click Remove.

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Q: How do you remove a ball capsule in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you remove a ball capsule from a Pokemon at Pokemon platinum I can't get my Pokemon out of my party?

You can remove a capsule from a Pokemon by visiting a building with a PC, using the PC and choosing "Your Name's" PC. You should then be able to edit, move and remove ball capsules.

How to detach a capsule in Pokemon platinum?

That one is easy.All you have to do is go to your PC, go to your PC,acess the ball capsule menu,move around until you find the ball capsule that has your Pokemon's icon on it,click A once,and press Remove. Hope this helps!

How do you remove the ball capsule from a Pokemon on heartgold?

go to your pc,go to ball capsules,and there will be on the 1 you wanna remove.

How do you take a ball capsule off?

you go back to your PC with your name on it, go to ball capsules, and then press "a" on the capsule with the Pokemon in it and finnaly, press a on remove

How do you detach a ball capsule in Pokemon?

first,you go to a PC,then go in your mail.Go to ball capsules,then go to a ball capsule you want your Pokemon to get out a, then hit REMOVE.that gets your Pokemon out of the ball capsule

How do you get rid of a bad egg with ball capsule in Pokemon platinum?

From personal experience, you don't. It is impossible. You can also restart the game.

How do you get the platinum ball in Pokemon?

There isn't a platinum ball.

How do you put on seals in Pokemon?

First, go to Sunyshore City. You can buy Seals there from a building with colored streamers. Then go to a Pokemon Center. Go to the PC and select 'YOURNAME's POKEMON'. It'll say MAILBOX and BALL CAPSULES. Pick BALL CAPSULES, and you can put Seals on your Pokemon's balls. Now, when you send your Pokemon out for a battle, special stuff like confetti or whatever Seals you put on the ball will pop out of the ball along with your Pokemon, making it look more snazzy!

How do you get a ball capsule off a Pokemon if traded?

I think you can't if it's not traded to diamond pearl or platinum. If that's where you traded it go to the Pokemon center. Open up 's pc and select ball capsules. Now select a Pokemon and click detach.

Which Pokemon ball is best to catch a psychic Pokemon in platinum?

master ball

How do you get rid of a bad egg with a ball capsule?

You can't bad egg is a really bad glitch the only way to remove it is to restart your gamesorryWRONGGo to any in-game trade, eg. north west house in snowpoint city, and offer any bad egg that isn't the pokemon asked for; it will remove the ball capsule, the pokemon can then be released as normal :)~theqwertyosc

Where is another master ball in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no more masterballs in Pokemon platinum but not if you use cheats