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From personal experience, you don't. It is impossible. You can also restart the game.

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Q: How do you get rid of a bad egg with ball capsule in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get rid of a bad egg ball capsule equipped in Pokemon heart gold?

I don't know I wish I could get rid of my bad egg

How do you get rid of a bad egg with a ball capsule?

You can't bad egg is a really bad glitch the only way to remove it is to restart your gamesorryWRONGGo to any in-game trade, eg. north west house in snowpoint city, and offer any bad egg that isn't the pokemon asked for; it will remove the ball capsule, the pokemon can then be released as normal :)~theqwertyosc

How do you get rid of bad egg in platinum?

find a person in the game to do an "in game" trade like the girl in a house in Snowpoint city. when the trainer ask if you want to trade say yes he or she will ask trade the Pokemon they want for which ever Pokemon they will give you . then go to the bad egg then press a. then he or she will say do you want to remove the ball capsule say yes and the ball capsule on the bad egg is gone. REMEMBER PUT EGG IN PC WHEN YOU DO THIS BECAUSE IF IT HATCHES IT WILL CORRUPT YOUR ! ALSO DONT PUT IN THE SAME BOX WITH OTHER POKEMON OTHERWISE ALL THE OTHER POKEMON WILL TURN INTO BAD EGGS! if it don't work have fun with your bad egg >:-)

What other ways are there to get a master ball in Pokemon platinum?

With an action replay.(I'm warning you do not do to meny, you will get a bad egg,it can not hach or be moved!)

How do you detach a ball capsule from a bad egg on soul silver?


How do you get rid of a bad egg that has a ball capsule on Pokemon pearl its driving me crazey and sense it has a ball capsule I cant take is out of my party please help?

I had the same problem but i tried a million things to get rid of it because my action replay got lost so i couldn't get it off the game and i figgured out that if you go to your PC and go to ball capsules then if you mess around with them like make one and confirm it (any bad eggs must be in the first slots of your Pokemon) and them make a few capsules then confirm them then go back and then go back to your Pokemon and the ball capsule might be gone if not then go look at your ball caapsules and if there is eggs next to them then remove it from the capsule and they should be off the eggs and you will be able to put them in your PC if not just keep trying i got rid of three bad eggs doing it. it didnt work for thanx though Put the bad egg in your first slot and use an action replay code that puts a Pokemon in the first slot. That's how i did it go to an in game trader say you have the Pokemon he wants when he wants you to pick the Pokemon he wants out of your party pick the bad egg with the ball capsule then it will say the ball capsule will be removed is this ok say yes then you cant trade but the capsule will be off you can then deposit it in to PC you joust have to go to PC and go to move pkmn.... then go to Bad Egg and select RELEASE. The Bad Egg will simply disapear. It workes for me. I have done this thing 2 times... -Eragon1252- Well I went to the day-care center and they took them off for me. (Ichigo Hiei) 2nd answer+3rd answers are the only ones. Ur lucky der's a way out :-p (So waz i)

How do you get rid of a bad egg with a ball capsule in Pokemon SoulSilver?

ok,i don't know if this will work for one with a ball capsule or not,cuz im not sure if the bad egg i had had a capsule or not... but wat i did on my pkmn soul silver game is i used this cloning code using action replay: 1207484C 0000231D 94000130 FDFF0000 1207484C 0000E008 D2000000 00000000 this code worked for me and you just put the bad eggs in your party,then selet one of your Pokemon and switch it with the bad egg while holding the L button. then go back off the screen and on again and your bad egg will become the Pokemon you switched it with! i found this code from yahoo answers and its for Pokemon soul silver,but may also work on heart gold! hope i helped and bye,from mebeabby!! XD

How do you get a bad egg in Pokemon Platinum?

By using a AR and catching someones Pokemon it will be called bad egg

When does the bad hatch in Pokemon platinum?

If you are talking about the bad egg, it does not. That's why it is called a bad egg.

Where is garitina on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get Giratina on Pokemon Pearl. Or Pokemon Diamond. It is introduced in Pokemon Platinum, as one of the 100 or so new Pokemon introduced. Too bad. Buy a version of Platinum.

Transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond to platinum?

Do you mean trade from Diamond to Platinum?? If so, you need two ds's and a copy of each, sorry bad answer.

What happens if you get a bad egg in Pokemon platinum?

It will corrupt your games' data.