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You can remove a capsule from a Pokemon by visiting a building with a PC, using the PC and choosing "Your Name's" PC. You should then be able to edit, move and remove ball capsules.

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Q: How do you remove a ball capsule from a Pokemon at Pokemon platinum I can't get my Pokemon out of my party?
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Pokemon platinum ar code that gets rid of the first Pokemon in your party?

no cheat for platinum

Give party Pokemon max iv in Pokemon platinum?

Infernape GyaradosGiratinaLeafeonDrapion

What is the strongest lv.100 all legendary party in Pokemon platinum?

arceus is i said party not single pokemon.

Where can you find the hard work ribbon on Pokemon platinum?

in sunny shore city in the ball capsule shop there is a lady in the shop make sure there is a Pokemon that worked hard in your first party slot if they didnt work hard then she wont give you a badge. keep switching your Pokemon until you get the badge.

What is the action replay code to have more than six Pokemon in your party in Pokemon platinum?


How do you get in to the spa in platinum?

You need a Pokemon with at least 10 ribbons in your party.

Where to find redgisteel on Pokemon Platinum?

To get Registeel on Pokemon Platinum, you have to have received a Level 100 Regigigas from a giveaway event. Put it in your party, then you go to Iron island B3F.

How do you raise Pokemon friendliness in Pokemon Platinum?

Give it the Soothe Bell to hold and keep it in your party, then run around.

How do you get regiggas in pokemon platinum?

get all of the regis in your party and bring the to that place where he is a statue to revive it

When are you able to trade in Pokemon Platinum?

once u get Pokemon on level 30 at least and u have to get at least 5 or 6 Pokemon in your party

Best Pokemon party for gameboy ds Pokemon platinum?

arceus,ho-oh,lugia,groudon,dialga and palkia

On Pokemon Platinum I have Regigigas in my party and Regice and Regirock and Registeel are not in their caves why not?

use dig in there caves