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Just trade Pokemon with them and then if they get to the man where you make groups they can join your group when they talking to him they can see the groups.

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Q: How do you recruit people in your group Pokemon platinum?
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Can you breed start Pokemon in platinum?

Yes, if it is in the egg group or is a ditto.

How do you create Pokémon on Pokémon Platinum?

You can't create Pokemon on Pokemon platinum (unless if you call eggs creating Pokemon by breeding 2 of the similar type of egg group) Or If you mean by fossils then go to veilstone archaeology center.

What is the same egg group in platinum?

Egg Groups in Pokemon Platinum and all other Pokemon games are what determines what Pokemon can breed. For example a male Shinx can breed with a female Ziggagoon cause they are both in the same Egg Group which is Field. Some Pokemon can be in up to two Egg Groups for example Ekans is in the Field and Dragon Egg Groups.

Where can you get a paralyzing Pokemon in Platinum?

If you mean a Pokemon with the ELECTRIC group or/and a Pokemon with the ability STATIC such as PICHU or PIKACHU,there are lots of electric Pokemon in the Trophy Garden south of Hearthome on route 212.

How do you get monferno in Pokemon platinum choosing piplup?

by trading or cheating with an action replay-if you already have one you can also breed with a Pokemon of the same egg group to get another

What group is platinum in on the periodic table?

Platinum is in Group 10 or 8B.

What group number do platinum belong to?

Platinum is in Group 10, , and Period 6.

Which group did Lowell recruit to work in his factory?


What does the word recruits mean?

To recruit is to actively seek out people who will join your group. The people you recruit are called recruits. Although the use of the term in the military context as referring to newly-joined soldiers or sailors is perhaps the most common, it is possible to talk about recruits to a workforce or to a club as well.

What mineral group does platinum belong to?

Platinum belongs to group 1 (elements) in the Strunz system and more specific it is classified as 01.AF (platinum group elements)

What is the best Pokemon group in Pokemon pearl?

hoho kyoger growdon arceus mewtwo dialga pokia

What does swarm mean in Pokemon Platinum?

a swarm is a group of Pokemon that appear on a random route after recieveing the national dex. to find out where the swarm is and what Pokemon are in the swarm, go to dawn/lucas's house in sandgem and talk to their little sister.