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yes just breed a female piplup, prinplup, or empoleon with another male Pokemon in its breeding group. I think they are group Water 1 so bidoof, buizel, marill and others can be breed with it to make piplulp eggs

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Q: Can you get a piplup egg in platinum?
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Where is the piplup egg in platinum?

you have to have a ditto and prinplup or empoleon

How do you get an egg that hatches into piplup in Pokemon platinum?

Put a membner of the piplup family in the daycare together with a ditto.

Can you breed Piplup in Platinum?

Yes, Piplup can breed with other Piplup, Prinplup and Empoleon as long it's of the opposite gender. It can also breed with Ditto and with any Pokémon from the Water 1 and Field egg-groups.

Can you get a piplup egg in Pokemon platinum?

You have to have to prinplups in the day care opposite gender that like each other

How do you get a piplup egg in Pokemon pearl?

1.Get it at the beginning of the game. 2.Get someone to trade you a piplup 3.Use an Action Replay/Gameshark and find a trainer with a piplup and catch it using catch trainers Pokemon code.(Not really recommended...But it is a choise..?)

How do you catch piplup in Pokemon platinum?

You cannot catch Piplup in any game.

Is piplup found in grass on platinum?


Can you get a piplup?

Yes, in diamond, pearl, and platinum Piplup is a starter pokemon. But if you did not choose Piplup, trade with a friend to get one, or you can use the action replay for one. Besides that, fill up the Sinnoh Pokedex and use your poke radar on route 218 and capture a ditto. If your Piplup (or its evolved forms) is a male or female, leave it with a ditto and you have a egg. Then when your egg hatches, you have a Piplup! I hoped I helped

Where is the couple that gives you the piplup egg in platinum?

Well you can go to solacean town (northwest of hearthome city) and go to the daycare center otherwise who knows.......

Who is best starter in Pokemon platinum?


How long does it take a Piplup egg to hatch in Pokemon?

It can take a Piplup Egg a maximum of 5,120 steps to hatch however it could be shorter than that since each Piplup Egg is randomly generated.

How do you get a Piplup in Pokemon platinum?

in the begining of the game If you want a piplup and a turtwig or chimchar I suggest trading.