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by trading or cheating with an action replay-if you already have one you can also breed with a Pokemon of the same egg group to get another

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Q: How do you get monferno in Pokemon platinum choosing piplup?
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Where do you see monferno in Pokemon platinum?

If You Picked Chimchar As Your Starter It Will Evolve Into A Monferno. If You Picked Piplup,And It Evolved Into A Prinplup Dawn/Lucas Will Have It. If You Picked Turtwig,And It Evolved Into Grotle Barry Will Have It.

List of all Pokemon from platinum version?

turtwig>>grotle>>torterra>>chimchar>>monferno>>infernape>>piplup>>prinplup>>empoleon>>starly>>starravia>>starraptor>>bidoof>>. infernape>>piplup>>prinplup>>empoleon>>starly>>starravia>>starraptor>>bidoof>>.

Which guy in platinum has a monferno?

if you choose turtwig as your starter than your opponent will have chimchar if you chose piplup then your opponent will have turtwig and if you chose chimchar than your opponent will have piplup.

How do you catch piplup in Pokemon platinum?

You cannot catch Piplup in any game.

Who is best starter in Pokemon platinum?


Who are the starting Pokemon for Pokemon Platinum?

Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup.

What starter Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Platinum?

Chimchar, piplup, and turtwig.

Can a Pokemon walk with you in platinum?

not everywhere but in hearthome u have to have certain Pokemon in the park to walk around with them like chimchar monferno infernape piplup prinplup empoleon grotle turtwig torterra cleffairy drifloon pikachu happiny and more

How do you get piluip in Pokemon?

you get piplup as a starter in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum

What are the three stater Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

turtwig,chimchar,and piplup

Starting Pokemon in platinum?


What Pokemon do you get at the start of platinum?

turtwig chimchar piplup