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Unfortunately you cannot breed Flygon with any other Dragon-type Pokemon. It is the only Dragon Pokemon that can breed that is not in the Dragon egg group; instead, it is in the Bug egg group and can breed with other Bug-type Pokemon.

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Q: Can you breed salamence with flygon in Pokemon emerald?
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Can a rayqaza and a salamence make an egg in Pokemon emerald?

No, because Rayquaza can't breed. None of the legendary Pokemon in the game can breed at all.

How do you get a trapinch egg?

Breed flygon or vibra or just go to the desert in emerald

How do you breed a salamence on Pokemon emerald?

Put Salamence in the daycare which is west of mauville city and put a ditto as well walk for a long time come back and talk to the old man he gives you an egg hatch it to get Bagon.

How do you breed roost on salamence?

Salamence learns Roost via TM. If you have used up your Roost TM, you can breed a male Pokemon of the Dragon Egg group that knows it to a female Bagon, Shelgon, or Salamence.

Where you can breed Pokemon on emerald?

You can breed Pokemon in route 117.

Pokemon diamond can you breed a boy gyrados with a girl flygon?

no,gyrados has a water 2/dragon egg group and flygon has a bug egg group

Can Deoxys breed in Pokemon emerald?

Deoxys is a legendary Pokemon and cannot breed in Pokemon Emerald. This Pokemon can only be obtained through trade and special Live Nintendo events.

How do you breed items on Pokemon Emerald?

You can only breed pokemon, not items. Items aren't alive!

WHAT Pokemon can you breed in emerald?

There are a number of Pokemon that can be bred in the Emerald version of the game. These include Mew and Pichu. The Pokemon must be in the same class and there must be a male and female to breed.

Can you catch Eevee in Pokemon emerald?

no, you get it from someone and can breed them

What will you get if you breed a Ditto and sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?


How do you breed Latias in Pokemon Emerald?

sorry, even if they DO have genders no legendary pokemon can breed includes ditto with latias