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After you put the stair where you want them to be there is a little tool that kind of looks like a stair railing you click on that and you put the railing on. I hope that helps happy simming.

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Q: How do you put railings on connecting stairs in the sims 2?
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How do you put small stairs up to your door in sims 3 if you put in a foundation?

first make a foundation, then make the stairs do not put and walls or doors until you put the stairs.

How do you put stairs to your basement in Sims 3?

Well first you make a basement and then you put stairs in it where ever there is a space for example if you where trying to put stairs in your house to the basement you would have to have a huge amount of space and delete 6 squares of floor and but 2 stairs then in the basement you put the stairs where 6th squares are then you have basement stairs.

On sims 2 how do you put your kittens and puppies down the stairs?

Have a sim pick them up then walk down the stairs and set them back down.

Can you put stairs to the entrance of a house on sims 2 pets for psp?

i dont think so

How do you move floors on Sims 3?

basically the same as the previous sims expansions you build the main floor or a basement if you choose, add a staircase, make sure you add some flooring first otherwise you can put in a staircase, and just go about it.

How do you make an upstairs in Sims 3?

Go onto build mode and press the stairs logo.Click the stairs you want and place it on a flat surface.Then you can make the upstairs how you wish.(If this doesn't work,then I don't know what to do).By SakuraFan4Ever.

Can you make a treehouse in Sims 2?

Yes, What you do is take one or two trees, maybe more and put pillars to hold your house up then put stairs sp you can get into the house, then it's just like a regular house but with a tree and its elevated.

Do i need to put sims 2 on my PC before i put sims3?

Sims 2 is not a requirement for Sims 3.

Can you build downstaires or upstaires in sims 2 PC version?

yes you can build upstairs and downstairs basicly when building put in a set of stairs and you can go upstairs (just make sure you remember the roof!)

Can you put your music on the first sims games?

No, you can only put custom music in the Sims 2.

How do you put stuff from your PC onto sims 3?

You can put your own stuff on the sims 3

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