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dear question asker u will need a card reader ok or a usb cable

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Q: How do you put in a memory stick in a psp?
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How do you transfer one PSP game from a PSP to another PSP?

You can copy games from one PSP memory stick to computer and then copy to another PSP's memory stick. Make sure you put the game on the folder 'GAME' on the memory stick.

How do you transfer wallpapers from PSP to PSP?

put your wallpaper on the memory stick. than take the memory stick out of your and put it in the other psp and go to memory stick under photo and make it your new background. also you can plug it into the computer and transfer it onto the PC then put it on to the other psp by plugging that one into the PC.

Do you need a meamary stick to put stuff in your psp?

No but you do need a memory stick

How do you put a memory card into a psp?

push the memory stick in and it should pop out.

Can you put a song on a memory stick?

yes you can put songs on a memory stick for the psp but you have to connect a usb from the psp to a computer and open up the files of the psp and then open up the file where you will be getting the meida from and drag and drop the meida onto the psp files

What is the thing called to put things on your psp?

That would be the Memory Stick.

How do you install a memory chip on the psp?

You don't, you buy a memory stick and put it into the slot on the left of the psp - near the wifi button.

Can you put a memory stick pro duo into a psp go?

No, for the PSP go you need an M2 card.

How do you put games on a card for psp?

When you download a game from the PlayStation Network, they are stored on the PSP's memory stick.

Where you will put the memory stick on your computer?

You don't put in in the computer, you use the PSP's USB cable to connect PC and PSP together

Can a psp memory stick fit into a dsi sd slot?

NO, a PSP's memory stick is a memory stick pro duo. A dsi's is a sanDisk

Does PSP memory stick go the PSP go?

yes they both use the same memory stick