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That would be the Memory Stick.

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Q: What is the thing called to put things on your psp?
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What is a PSP battery?

The thing that powers the PSP. It also enables you put put Custom FirmWare on the PSP

Can you put movies on a PSP go?

No the thing you put into the psp 3000 can't be put into a psp go but there might be another way...

How do you put pokedex on PSP?

yes you can it's a homebrew called pokedex psp download it (if your psp is hacked) and put it in the game folder or the game 150 folder or the game 380 folder

How do you put a PSP on?

how to put pictures on a psp????

Can you put apps on a psp?

Accualy you can add as many home made apps made by the gaming community called homebrew,all you have to do is put custom firmware on your psp.

How do you put pictures on a psp?

how to put pictures on a psp????

How do you put demos from the PlayStation store on psp?

go to the far right of the psp screen and you will see a blue swirly thing,go to playstation store and click demos and put demos on your psp,but if you try to download more than one demo at a time it will not download properly

How do you put minecraft on psp?

You can't. It is not for PSP.

How do you put a PSP camera on PSP?

You buy one, and connect it to the psp.

Where do you put the movies to play them on your psp?

Make a folder on the memorystick called,in these exact letters, movie.

What folder do you put PSP mini games into for the PSP?

You put games in the ISO folder.

How do you put gta 4 on your PSP by a computer?